Bingo is a game that is simple to play and consumes less time (relatively), but is not at all forgettable. The objective of the game is to obtain a bingo (as called Housie, which is the name of the game in Australia and New Zealand) and to score as many points as possible. Players have a good array of different possibilities to score, meaning that even with only five cards, the game can still be fairly easily won.

The 90 Ball Bingo is an adaptation of the Australian game, which is known as 90 Ball Bingo; the game is identical in concept to American Roulette, except that the game board is colored with 90 different numbers, instead of the American version of 0-28-9-6-2. The goal of the game is to get a color more than that of the opponent’s, by forming a pattern with the five cards owned by the player. The first five cards read, then the 6th card is released, and the pattern is announced again before the start of the game.

However, there are more versions of 90 Ball Bingo available. In the game there are three variations: High Card, Weaknead Ball, and High Card (for the first five cards). In the second, the last five cards read Big Bets, and the last ball announces the results of the game. In addition, there are five further balls named Red, Orange, Yellow, and Blue.

Each of these balls has a different letter, so that they can be seen at the same time as the numbers in the wheel. The game is to be won by the player who can usually get a combination of all the numbers in the wheel. At the start of the game, two cards are dealt to every player. The balls are then placed in the wooden wheel and the face side of each card has a rotating wheel within it, which is where the winning ball is delivered at the end of the game.

For the beginner, there is a simpler version of the game, where the host simply states “line” and draws a line across the card. For the more experienced players, there is a variation where the host states “drain” and draws a line across the card. In yet another variation, the host states “broom” and Keno and the player has to shout “bingo”, but the game is played with sheets of paper, and the player who shouts first goes first. The sheets of paper are glued to the four corners of the cardboard.

Then it is time to begin playing. Place a stack of five paper cards next to the wheel, and call out the word “bingo”. The first person to cross the line shouts “Bingo!” The game is over for that round.

On certain occasions, a game is held where the prize is given, instead of the usual cash prize. This type of version of Keno is more likely to appeal to players who are competitive and like getting things, but it is worth remembering that the winnings are not always cash.

Modern versions of Keno, Speed Ball and High Ball have emerged, and there is no sign that this trend will ever stop. If nothing else, the thrill of hearing a number announced and then seeing it come up on the screen, cutting the air with a knife is something that nobody can resist a bemocked in this game of randomly generated numbers.

However, it is hard to get one hundred players to agree to play a game of Keno, so many variations have been flying about. The most recent thing to hit the screens in sets of online Keno games is the appearance of Poker Keno. Poker Keno is a variation in which a poker playing minimum is established at a minimum. The first thing the player has to do is to play poker and then the game begins. During the game the poker playing minimum is established. If the participant does not qualify for a minimum standard of playing level then the game is stopped and the money is given to the competitors instead of the accumulated money. Another recent update brings Poker High-Low Keno and Chinese Take Two Keno. These games allow a set of players to play against each other, rather than playing against the house. The set up is the same as Keno, but a player must have a certain number of points to move forward in the game. Take Two Keno is similar to Keno, but the winner is the first player to get a “pound” of the opponent. The difference is that the opponent is moving in the opposite direction of the game, and the point is not to knock each other out of the game.

Bingo Game Review