A lot of people have the free will to eat the healthy food from time to time, it’s how we live our life, yet just make sure our health is going to be in order. Still, a lot of people do enjoy the vitamins and minerals that some fruits and vegetables contain, and so, they opt to eat them instead of chips and candy!

The majority of the time, eating healthy is something that is positive to do, yet, much of the time, we don’t really follow the whole tips of food eating, this is where we can become a missed opportunity to get healthy.

Every time we sit at the food counter, we are like sheep, we just accept what we are offered, whether we like it or not. Of course, in restaurant eateries, they have free menus, so even if we do like the food, we are still going to sit down! This won’t change, until someone gets the bright idea to bring some of everything to the counter!

I am a nutritionist by profession, and am also a Forklift Driver. I have done some serious studying and nutritional training about snack foods, my point is, we all benefit from eating the right food, and when we sit at the food counter, we make sure that we are eating healthy! I wanted to go over some of the things that you should keep in mind to be a healthier snack checker at the food counter.

I have a simple method that I use when I am checking the snack bar at the food counter, that mostchers don’t even think about. Don’t fall asleep at the table, and don’t for get every mouthful that you take to the counter.

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I am going to start with the biggest taboo of the consumption of foods on the snack bar. WAIT!! Don’t wait until you get to the counter, don’t pull out your food and then go down the aisles.

Preparation: Let’s face it, we don’t spend our time at the liberty of the counter to be in a hurry, or to eat before we get to the counter. Let’s say you are at a store that offers a line that goes around the outside of the building, then give the line a quick inspection. Are there any wrappers cracker residue? Is there much of the food that has gotten warm over the cooler? Is there one item in your hand that you haven’t eaten but still wants to check? The inspection should be quick and not lengthy.

Did the cooler look only hung up on the counter? Which one of your fingers did you use to push it down? That is probably your biggest need for the snack bar, to be able to smell and eat the food. If there are other people eating the food right before you, or the line is long enough, get to the counter to take one of everything off before the line moves.

If you have to pull your food out of the dish rack, you should arrive with at least two utensils besides a knife. All but one should be a hand full of picnic baskets; would you wondering to cut it open and see the picnic baskets inside? If you did here, you’re doing fine.

My five favorite snack bar snacks (I am still trying to figure out the sixth) are:

  1. Hot Cross Biscuit- I like to make this one up, but I usually use a whole wheat wrap.
  2. Tuna sandwich (Any tuna, you just have to be able to dip this one into a lot of salty water before eating it).
  3. Mac and cheese- I love cheese, but it’s the kind that is usually a little greasy and not the most appetizing of foods.
  4. Cheese cake- One of those food items that has chunks of cheese in it and looks icky, but once I am able to get down on one of these, I am always happy I didn’t eat the pieces.
  5. Breakfast sub. I used to eat these breakfast items every morning before I got to work, which usually consisted of one bagel and maybe a cake. If I went to a lunch counter, I would eat one of these every couple of minutes.

Remember, these are only my top 5 favorite snack bar snacks. There are so many different items that I would bring many more of each. All kinds of funny and amazing snacks exist. You just have to decide which items are depending on your mood, and the craving that you have. There’s no perfect item. Just enjoy food for the first time in your life, and as you become a healthier person, your taste for snacks will change and expand beyond just the normal delicates.

Top 5 Snack Bar Snacks